From House to Home: Finding Inspiration in Display Homes

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Are you ready to step into a world where the ordinary becomes extraordinary and walls tell stories of comfort and style? Welcome to the realm of display homes! If you’ve ever wondered how a simple house transforms into a cosy haven, or if you’re itching to infuse your living space with innovative ideas, you’re in […]

First-Time Homebuyers’ Guide: How Display Homes Can Help You?

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Are you a first-time homebuyer who’s feeling overwhelmed by the daunting process of purchasing your dream home in Ballarat? Well, worry no more! In this informative blog, we’ll explore how to display homes in Ballarat can be your secret weapon when finding the perfect home. Whether searching for a cosy bungalow or a spacious family […]


kitchen renovations

The kitchen forms the heart of a house. It is that part of a living space that gets visited the most. So why not beautify it a little? While the idea of renovating your cooking space might be running through your mind, there might also be several questions along with it. Do I need to […]

Doors Reflect The Style Of Your Home! Make Them Look Classy!


Home renovations in Ballarat are incomplete without giving the doors a new look too! Doors are the boundaries of the home and they determine much about the overall look. Often you may have noticed how some homes just seem to exude elegance while others appear quite pale. The architecture of doors, the colours, textures, finishes […]

Here’s The Secret To Elegant New House Designs And Our Experts Are Loving It

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Tip 1: Never settle for less!  As new home styles line the front page of the city’s best catalogues, it is a challenge to choose between these vibrant and up and coming styles. Settle down while we present to you the Ballarat style paraded around in homes of the 21st century.  These house designs in […]

See what you are buying in 2021 with Display Homes Ballarat and surrounds

Display Homes Ballarat

Display homes shaped by unparalleled Australian home builders Did you know that in some cultures, buying new things on new year or starting the new year in a new way is considered auspicious? Even though it is a superstition, the underlying fact is that doing so comforts us in a way. After all, new year, […]