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Unmatched outdoor decking services for that beautiful patio decking you always wanted!

Dracon Construction offers exceptional timber decking services that are suitable for all outdoor decks and can go a long way in adding a dash of beauty and class to your patio decking, verandahs, pergolas and outdoor entertainment areas.

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Outstanding Outdoor Decking in Ballarat and surrounds

Addressing all your outdoor decking needs within your budget

Decking has become a largely popular practice in Australia over the last decade and this is evidenced by the countless outdoor decking projects that we have taken up throughout the course of our nearly two decades of experience in Ballarat and surrounds.

Ballarat has, more or less, beautiful weather throughout the year. Even though the weather can get a bit unpredictable, it goes without saying that people in Ballarat and surrounds love to enjoy their outdoor space for living/entertainment.

This is where the need for outdoor decking services goes uphill. The inclusion of a patio decking and verandahs are ideal for enjoying the outdoor ambience. Not to mention, these outdoor decking inclusions significantly increase the value of your house.

Indeed! Having a deck is a surefire way to increase the curb appeal of your home and this goes a long way in getting successful property deals.

Outdoor Decking in Ballarat

We offer exceptional outdoor decking that fits neatly within your budget and lifestyle, adding style, class and comfort to your home.

With Dracon Construction, utilise the outdoor space of your house to the fullest with stunning outdoor decks

Why Choose Dracon Construction For Outdoor Decking?

Dracon Construction has been the go-to outdoor decking experts in Ballarat and surrounds for nearly 20 years now. We have always maintained sustainability and quality as the backbone of our decks. Furthermore, we are firm believers in creating features that will last.

We use superior decking materials that reduce flex and sagging between joists, increase structural integrity and looks absolutely fantastic!

With Dracon Construction, you can vouch for your outdoor decks (including your patios and pergolas) to justify the classic case of 'style meets substance'!

High quality and budget outdoor decks that add value and style to your home

We start with a design consultation with you at your office or at the comfort of your home.

With a decision on your budget and your outdoor decking needs, we get into the details of the square meterage that would be the right fit for your decking. We also take into account any of the adjustments, detailing, features and finishing that are appropriate for your decks, such as your patio decking and verandahs.

At the culmination of these discussions, we will be able to give you a thorough decking design and a quote. On receiving a thumbs-up on these, we will get to work right away.

Dracon Construction offers you top-notch craftsmanship unmatched by anyone else in Ballarat and surrounds. With an establishment track record in delivering high standard outdoor decks, backed by our expertise in crafting sensational outdoor decks within your budget and timeframe.

Providing outdoor decks with superior craftsmanship and quality, designed to stand the test of time

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