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One of the biggest USPs of Dracon Construction in its nearly two decade long experience is its specialisation in energy-efficient design for new homes and large scale renovations.

We take pride in:

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Add the benefits of energy efficiency to your home within your budget!

Investing in an energy efficient home has many benefits including healthier, cleaner living conditions, lower utility bills, a reduced carbon footprint and increased resale value to name a few.

At Dracon Construction we are passionate about energy efficiency and we understand that a majority of energy efficiency is controlled by 3 major keys:

Although we support and endorse the use of solar power generation systems we believe that the home should be designed and constructed to use less energy to begin with instead of using band-aid approaches to help ill performing homes be less of a financial burden.

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With Dracon Construction, embrace energy efficient housing for a cleaner and greener way of life!

Why Choose Dracon Construction For Kitchen Renovations?

Dracon Construction's energy efficient housing is committed to bringing major energy efficiencies to your property, whether it’s a new build, extension or renovation.

All residential buildings in Australia are rated by energy assessors at the planning stage using the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme or NatHERS for short.

It is a system that rates the energy efficiency of a home based on its design and its insulative products using a star rating system, with 6 stars being the minimum and 10 stars being the maximum that can be achieved. This is basically a computer generated 'measuring tape' to calculate a homes 'potential' heating and cooling use.

Although the system is great in theory there is one major flaw, there are no mandatory inspections to ensure that the products have been installed correctly or at all, so no builder is held accountable for this hence why the installation is rarely carried out correctly.

In short, the house that has been rated on paper at the minimum requirement of 6 stars could potentially perform around 3.5-4 stars which—by today's standards—is unacceptable. This is why at Dracon we are committed to the correct installation of these products, and go above and beyond to seal every nook and cranny and adhere to all requirements on the energy assessment to the letter. We make sure that your 6-10 star home performs as it states on the energy assessment.

At Dracon we are looking forward to constructing a home in Ballarat using the Bondor Structurally Insulated Panel System, or SIPS for short. We are excited about this potentially 8 star plus project that will need minimal if not zero heating and cooling.

SIPS are basically metal-skinned polystyrene panels that are extremely energy efficient, and are cladded inside and outside with traditional lining materials. This system is extremely time efficient and produces minimal waste as the panels are prefabricated to the sizes required for the home.

Our energy-efficient works have a minimum seven-star NatHERS energy rating!

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We aim at providing energy efficient homes solutions that are well within your budget and help you to achieve an efficient way of living life.

An energy efficient home is designed such that it causes a reduction in unnecessary energy consumption, significantly and reduces overall greenhouse gas emissions. Such living spaces create healthier living conditions and also provide cost-efficient results.

We are flexible and focused on delivering quality workmanship. We actively include in:

Whether you are looking to build your dream family home or an investment property that you want to see an increase in value over the years, our building team can deliver the right solution for you.

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