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Dracon Construction comes with the perfect blend of experience and expertise that is needed to build the perfect house for you. With a renowned specialisation in custom home designs and construction, we are your ultimate partner in building homes exclusively for you, within your budget and timeframe.

We take pride in:

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Custom Home Builders for Your Dream House in Ballarat and surrounds

Turn your house into a home with complete personalisation and within your budget!

Dracon Construction understands the importance of customisation and we have always made it a point to come up with fantastic designs that suit your budget, your land and your family.

We consider it a priority to note your queries, pain points and ambitions as the house belongs to you at the end of the day.

Ballarat and surrounds provide a beautiful landscape to build new homes and we help you blend in with the right level of personalisation. After all, your home should speak for you and resonate your individuality at all times.

custom home builders Ballarat

With Dracon Construction you see your home take shape through luxury custom home builders, suited to your lifestyle and budget

Why Choose Dracon Construction as your Custom Home Builders?

When you get us aboard for the construction of your home, you can vouch for the fact that you are getting highly qualified and experienced building professionals who have the required skill set to deliver an outstanding customised home design that you can be proud of for years and years.

Our custom house building services are tailored to be dynamic. Which means that we can change our plans to suit your needs without any hassles or additional costs.

We understand that more often than not, making changes might be a necessity. In such cases, we make the changes and support you completely, while ensuring that we achieve a design that is ideal for your budget and lifestyle.

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Tasteful Custom Home Designs by Dracon Construction

We start with a design consultation with you at your office or at the comfort of your home.

Based on your needs and budget, we formulate a floor plan that takes all your furniture into account. We want to assure that all the relevant parts of your home fit in perfectly with our designs.

The floor plan is then crafted into full designs. Needless to say, there are various options for the designs that you can choose from and then include your personal elements to make it a customised design.

Our home building processes are streamlined and hassle-free, with the provision for making systematic changes for you.

Ultimately, you get the perfect home delivered at the most appropriate budget and timeframe, complemented with the vintage workmanship, quality, excellent customer service and outstanding results of Dracon Construction.

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Custom Home Builders Ballarat

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