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Creating breathtaking outdoor living and entertainment spaces within your budget

Dracon Construction is equipped with a team of specialists spanning design, building and landscaping, who possess the right combination of expertise and experience to successfully take up any outdoor renovation project from conception to completion.

We take pride in:

  • Our highly trained and expert team
  • Our quality workmanship
  • Our thoroughly transparent set of processes
  • Our penchant for turning ideas into reality

Remarkable Outdoor Patio Renovations and House Extensions in Ballarat and surrounds?

Anything you can imagine in your outdoor space, we bring it to reality within the best budget!

The core of our outdoor renovation services inclines towards our versatility in transforming outdoor spaces into sheer magic.

Be it stellar patios, lush landscapes, swimming pools, alfresco dining areas, pergolas, outdoor kitchens or decking, we have them all covered!

We understand that your outdoor space is as special as the interiors of your house. Which is why we offer you our outdoor renovations in an amazingly feasible way for your benefit. You can either choose a particular service or go for a complete package that fits your budget, lifestyle and vision for your outdoor space.

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With Dracon Construction Outdoor Renovations Ballarat and surrounds, get your outdoor space transformed into the beautiful landscape of fun, frolic and enjoyment that you desire!

Why Choose Dracon Construction For Outdoor Renovations?

Our team at Dracon Construction ensures that your outdoor renovation looks absolutely fantastic - and is delivered within the timeframe and on budget. Regardless of how you want to see your outdoor space turn out, we help shape that into a reality.

Furthermore, Dracon Construction offers expert house and landscape designers who present you with a host of options to discuss and finalise regarding your outdoor renovation project. We will make the most optimal use of your outdoor space and create a paradise for you to cherish!

We imbibe a constant focus on creating an outdoor space that not only showcases picturesque beauty, but also adds value to your house. This has resulted in many happy customers over the years, who vouch for the quality, professionalism and efficiency of our services.

Expert Outdoor House Extensions With Dracon Construction

Unmatched Experience

The crux of our services is the fact that we can provide any practical outdoor renovation solutions within your budget.

Whether you are seeking a specific outdoor project or a packaged project that goes in sync with your needs, Dracon Construction provides a seamless, proficient and hassle-free experience that bridges the gap between your outdoor space desires and seeing them in reality.

Our landscape designers and project managers work closely with you to craft a befitting design that suits your needs and budget.

Our qualified tradesmen pick up the design layout particulars and take our builders aboard to make, say, the finest outdoor patio renovations in Ballarat and surrounds!

100% Professional

Going by the nature of your outdoor renovation project, our team is competent enough to take up projects from existing plans or start from scratch. We follow a professionally outlined set of processes in creating your dream outdoor living/entertainment space to the highest standards:

  • Our design specialist will pay a visit to your home and have a thorough consultation with you in order to mutually decide upon a definitive outdoor renovation design and budget
  • On the firm establishment of a outdoor space vision at your budget, our designers will draw up the final designs and sent it to you for approval
  • Once approved by you, we will forward the designs to our construction team
  • With an able team of building, landscaping and carpentry experts, the construction unit kicks off the initiation of your outdoor space renovation
  • We make the most optimal use of your outdoor space to craft beautiful outdoor patio renovations and whatever that seems befitting to you
  • In the next few weeks, we work together with you in a seamless and cohesive manner to bring out a hidden treasure trove: your very own outdoor living/entertainment space
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We ensure that the proceedings of our work are undertaken causing as little disruption to the amenity of the rest of your house and your lifestyle as possible.

Highest Standards

We come with nearly two decades of experience in handling various outdoor renovation projects in Ballarat and surrounds. Throughout the course of our extensive experience, we have always made it a point to stick to the highest standards and quality of outdoor renovations and outdoor house extensions. All of this, within your budget.

Providing efficient outdoor living and entertainment solutions for decades

Dracon Construction Expert Outdoor Renovations Ballarat and surrounds - Transforming Your Outdoor Space Into Beauty & Class

  • Absolutely NO hidden fees, budget blowouts, deadline extensions
  • Transparent and all-inclusive provider with no financial surprises
  • Custom design and drafting services for all new homes
  • Exclusive and constructed for you
  • Providing lifestyle and comfort you crave
  • Additional benefits of energy efficiency and future cost savings
  • Professional and seasoned house builders Ballarat can bank on!

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