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Amazing kitchen renovations with a Midas touch of beauty, innovation and detail!

Dracon Construction is your go-to specialist for creating high quality and stunning kitchen renovations that are built for life. We focus on kitchen renovations that add value to your house and lifestyle alike.

We take pride in:

  • Our highly trained and expert team
  • Our quality workmanship
  • Our thoroughly transparent set of processes
  • Our penchant for turning ideas into reality

Jaw-dropping Kitchen Renovations in Ballarat and surrounds

Add convenience and space to your kitchen cabinetry without breaking the bank!

We offer you everything you need to plan and achieve the kitchen of your dreams. With our track record of being the premier experts in kitchen renovations in Ballarat and surrounds, we help you uncover innovative cabinetry solutions that will help your kitchen manifest itself as a space suitable for your tastes and lifestyle.

Our expertise in designing, direction of the manufacturing and installation of cabinetry is apt for both big and small kitchen renovation projects.

Your kitchen is one of the main areas of your home, which comes with the tremendous potential of adding significant value to your property. So it goes without saying that you need supreme kitchen renovation experts that deliver exceptional design solutions and results.


With Dracon Construction, experience a magical transformation of your kitchen through superior workmanship and quality throughout the course of the renovations

Why Choose Dracon Construction For Kitchen Renovations?

The professional team at Dracon Construction delivers outstanding renovations of floor plan and cabinetry design supplier solutions that go in perfect sync with your kitchen space. Starting from the initial consultation and right to the completion of the renovation, our team works tirelessly to give you high-quality workmanship, beautiful designs and exceptional customer service.

When you partner with Dracon Construction, you will achieve outstanding kitchen renovation solutions backed with our in-depth expertise and experience of nearly two decades… factors that are justified by the many previous happy clients.

Throughout the kitchen renovation project, our team is tremendously passionate towards renovating your kitchen space and makes it as hassle-free as possible, while providing the most satisfactory results within your budget.

We spare no effort in providing optimal renovations for the available kitchen and layout space and include all relevant elements from floor plan changes to finishing touches like splashback tiling and floor coverings.

Expert Kitchen Renovations with Dracon Construction

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Unmatched Experience

Kitchens come in all sizes and regardless of whether you sign us up for big or small kitchen renovations, you can rest assured that we will deliver outstanding results that will spark joy!

We house a relentless team of renovation experts who are equipped with the required know-how on transforming a kitchen space and taking it to a whole new level.

With the right consideration of all kitchen elements including cabinets, cupboards, drawers, splashbacks and benchtops, we put your budget to the most optimal use to give you a kitchen experience unlike anything else you have felt within your kitchen space before.

100% Professional

We follow a professional and thorough set of processes in creating your dream kitchen to the highest standards. These are outlined below:

  • We pay a visit to your home and sit with you to have a comprehensive consultation to discuss various questions and pointers on the level of finish of the cabinetry and other aspects of the kitchen area.
  • After a thorough discussion, we provide a quotation which also includes allowances for several items in the cabinetry and appliances to be selected for the inclusion process
  • Following the approval of the quotation, we take you aboard our inclusion selection process that involves visits to the showrooms of our suppliers including our cabinetry supplier. Here, we pick all the inclusions relevant to your taste and budget
  • Upon selection of all the inclusions, a fixed contract price is decided and building contracts are administered, duly signed along with a domestic building insurance policy
  • Kitchen renovation works kick-off , cabinetry is ordered along with all other inclusions
  • In a matter of a few weeks, you will have a brand new kitchen and cabinetry made exclusively for you!

We ensure that the proceedings of our work are undertaken causing as little disruption to the amenity of the rest of your house and your lifestyle as possible.

Highest Standards

With almost two decades of experience in kitchen renovations in Ballarat and surrounds, Dracon Construction understands the need for exclusive kitchen renovations at the highest standards and at a reasonable budget.

Our experts always commit to providing high-quality kitchen renovation works that fall within your budget, with careful consideration of your kitchen renovation ideas and an assurance of complete satisfaction.

Providing efficient kitchen improvement solutions for decades.

Dracon Construction Guarantee

  • Absolutely NO hidden fees, budget blowouts, deadline extensions
  • Transparent and all-inclusive provider with no financial surprises
  • Custom design and drafting services for all new homes
  • Exclusive and constructed for you
  • Providing lifestyle and comfort you crave
  • Additional benefits of energy efficiency and future cost savings
  • Professional and seasoned house builders Ballarat can bank on!

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