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Dracon Construction Custom Home Builders are committed to bringing major efficiencies within your property, whether it’s a new build, extension or renovation.

Our energy-efficient works have a minimum seven-star NatHERS energy rating.

At Dracon Construction Custom Home Builders, we live by the vision and principle of Building the difference. Our team of experts work round the clock to bring energy-efficient methods to your home plans. We aim at constructing new homes and provide renovation and extensions – without sacrificing on quality. Our construction, home renovation services home extension services ideas are new, advanced and sculpted by industry experts to meet your home needs.

At Dracon Construction Custom Home Builders, we provide expert and highly convenient

Energy-efficient New Home Solutions By Dracon Construction Custom Home Builders

What is an energy-efficient home?

An energy-efficient home is designed such that it causes a reduction in unnecessary energy consumption, significantly and reduces overall greenhouse gas emissions. Such living spaces create healthier living conditions and also provide cost-efficient results.

At Dracon Construction Custom Home Builders, we are flexible and focused towards delivering quality workmanship. We actively include in:

  • Smart home design to include energy-efficient solutions
  • Seek other alternative sources of energy
  • Make adequate use of energy models
  • Use effective and proven building enveloping methods
  • Custom Home Builders
House Renovation Ballarat

Whether you are looking to build your dream family home or an investment property that you want to see an increase in value over the years, our building team can deliver the right solution for you.

Home Extension Services By Dracon Construction Custom Home Builders

Dracon Construction Home Extension Services uses the same design as your original home’s design to ensure the home extension become a part of the old home design. Our team of experts perform home extension carefully with the intention to keep the original home design intact.

Benefits of Dracon Construction Home Renovation Services Ballarat

Bathroom Renovation
  • Home extension services will add value to your home
  • An effective and cost-saving alternative to moving homes
  • Home extension designs are tailored to meet your family’s needs
  • Makes room for additional living space

Home extension services at Dracon Construction is aimed towards creating the living space you have always dreamt of with the added benefits of energy efficiency.

Home Renovation Services By Dracon Construction Custom Home Builders

Needs related to living spaces change as years progress. With adequate, comprehensive and tailored home renovation services, you can accommodate all home renovations within your budget. At Dracon Construction Home Renovation Services, we provide quality workmanship in all aspects of home renovation. Our experts take utmost care to keep your convenience and comfort in mind while performing home renovation services.

Benefits of Dracon Construction Home Renovation Services Ballarat

  • Home renovation services will add value to your home
  • Creates more living space by reordering or realigning existing plan to make more room
  • Adds a sense of comfort with remodelling kitchen, bathroom or bedroom
  • Renovate and remodel areas in your living space that are underutilised for space efficiency
  • Home renovation services add a touch of personalisation to existing house blueprint that’s exclusively yours
Outdoor Renovation

Dracon Construction Custom Home Builders can deliver leading technologies and experience while also ensuring the style and theme of your existing property is maintained or completely modernise your entire property all the while installing modern insulation technologies to make your home more space, comfort, convenience efficient.

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  • Absolutely NO hidden fees, budget blowouts, deadline extensions
  • Transparent and all-inclusive provider with no financial surprises
  • Custom design and drafting services for all new homes
  • Exclusive and constructed for you
  • Providing lifestyle and comfort you crave
  • Additional benefits of energy efficiency and future cost savings
  • Professional and seasoned house builders Ballarat can bank on!

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