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The kitchen forms the heart of a house. It is that part of a living space that gets visited the most. So why not beautify it a little?

While the idea of renovating your cooking space might be running through your mind, there might also be several questions along with it. Do I need to renovate it? Why does a kitchen renovation cost so much? How do I want my kitchen to look? Do I want storage solutions? Should I go in for stainless steel?

Well, here’s your guide with answers to all your queries!

Plan your kitchen: What makes the kitchen so important?

The kitchen is not only meant for cooking recipes, spending time together and storing your favourite new ingredients. A kitchen evolves to fit your convenience and can also be a spot to bond with your dear ones. It offers a reflection of the owner’s lifestyle and their dedication & discipline towards cooking making this part of the home vital and incredibly important. 

Which style should I go in for to get the kitchen designed?

Your kitchen’s style should fit your convenience and needs. If you cook frequently, you need a layout that makes transitions from one part of the recipe to another simple. If you are more of a takeout person, your kitchen can be minimal with utilities that will be used for sure. That is why we mentioned earlier that it evolves at your convenience. 

Here’s a variety of styles that you can choose from based on your preferences:

  • Going the traditional way

For someone who likes to be in their comfort zone, a traditional kitchen would work well. It is aesthetically pleasing, timeless and also consists of some contemporary elements which notch up its looks while giving a welcoming and elegant feel. 

  • The contemporary touch

While a traditional kitchen does have some contemporary elements, it is not vice versa. A contemporary kitchen is for people with modern and minimalistic choices. It is sleek, fashionable, and includes symmetric alignment.

  • The classy transition

 Transitional kitchens are extraordinary. If you prefer a mix of traditional and contemporary looks, go for a transitional kitchen. Such designs show the shift from conventional to modern designs. It is stylish, inviting, and consists of versatility from both styles.

When should I consider renovating my kitchen?

Since it is the most regularly used area, we suggest renovating it every 10-15 years. However, since that might not always happen, we suggest you consider the following points to decide whether a renovation is needed or not: 

  • The cabinets have scratches and their colour has faded with time
  • The kitchen pipes have started to leak
  • The knobs and pulls of the doors of the storage units need replacement
  • You feel like changing the appearance of your kitchen

How will a renovation benefit you?

A renovation offers long-term benefits and can ease your lifestyle by making cooking less of a hassle. 

Following are the ways in which renovation will help you:

  • There is an overall improvement in the kitchen’s functionality
  • You save money on electricity bills as all the defective wirings are changed
  • The safety and comfort factors increase. The addition of new equipment and furniture can help much. On the other hand, the furniture may offer you better seating comfort and maybe be placed at the appropriate spot in your kitchen 
  • Increases the economic value of your house

Why is renovation so expensive?

Since the kitchen is the most heavily used part of a house making its interiors weather away with time at a faster pace than others. The maintenance cost can get too high if frequent repair works are done. Renovation not only removes the old but also opens more room for experimenting with textures, designs and colours. 

Here’s why a renovation is usually a costly affair:

  • Complete removal of existing kitchen features (the slab, sink, furniture) without damaging the building plan
  • Repairing of floor tiles
  • Repainting of the wall, polishing of kitchen surfaces and refitting furniture
  • Installation of drawers and tables
  • Plumbing and repair of pipes 
  • Wiring and other electrical repairs
  • Setting up the kitchen furniture
  • Adding new rooms within the space (pantry, storeroom and even freezer room)
  • Buying new appliances especially if you are looking to add more features to the cooking area

Note: These requirements may change as per your style selection.

Note: If you are planning to do your own kitchen renovation, stop. These renovations can be risky if not done accurately. They can also damage the building plan. Always speak with an expert before deciding to do it yourself. 

Dracon Construction: Ballarat’s go-to kitchen renovation expert

At Dracon Construction, we are here to help you with renovating the kitchen. Our experienced team of home builders can help you renovate the space just how you want it! We offer a customised plan specific to your likes and preferences about setting up your cooking area. 

Ready to change your cooking area? Speak with our experts today!

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