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As the local builders in Ballarat give you something to look forward to, let your home be brimming with elegant designs

A home does not have to be fancy and expensive. There are several budget-friendly ideas that you can choose from if you know the right place. 

Here’s an article that will give you an insight into possibly the simplest and most cost-effective, plus the most beautiful decor ideas to have around the home. 

Here’s to some elegant new house designs

Have a little courtyard outside the bedroom

While going in for bedroom renovations, instead of continuing the trend of the doors leading to the other rooms, why not have one set of doors leading to a little courtyard? 

This is like your own private porch and couples love it. The idea is to let the sunshine in through the door and the privacy that comes with a private courtyard. 

Have you ever considered a daybed? 

Now, hear us out. Whoever does not want to enjoy some good Australian sun, read a book, or simply work away while the weather is great? 

A daybed lets you do exactly this. Installed out on the porch, it is the perfect excuse to get out of the four walls of the home and soak up some sun and feel fresh!

The Australian home builders in Ballarat have some lovely options for the daybed and you can choose from these. 

Build your own fireplace and let the warmth seep in 

Whoever does not wish for a nice huge fireplace that you can sit down beside on a rainy cold day with a mug of hot chocolate? 

Now while you envision this, here’s another surprise! Dracon Construction lets you choose the fireplace design that you think would go best with the decor. Always focused on building energy-efficient homes in Ballarat and surrounds, we are extremely wary when it comes to the electricity in homes and the decor and lighting. 

At Dracon Construction, we believe in beauty that should not compromise energy efficiency. 

You can rest assured that you are choosing right!

Is downsizing a good option? 

Homes are starting to incline towards the minimalistic side of the curve and homeowners are quite happy to see this happen. 

What does downsizing mean?

Downsizing in home terms would mean decluttering the space and leaving ample space for the home to breathe. It gives homeowners the opportunity to save on fancy decor and also ensures that the home does not appear ‘too much’. 

Having heavy decor in the home often means that you do not have the chance to experiment during your renovations. 

Do not stick to old trends while going in for home renovations. Try new, fresh ideas and you’ll be surprised at just how amazing it turns out. 

Adding storage can be a wise option!

The beauty about adding storage in the home is that it is concealed but yet one of the most useful additions. 

You don’t want to have far too many cupboards or wardrobes around the home. If you love accommodating, storage is the best option to go in for. Have a talk with the local Ballarat builders during the renovation process, and they will offer you some ideas that you may like!

Go in for a modular kitchen

While renovating the kitchen, ensure that you are not going extravagant. The more minimalistic the kitchen, the more beautiful and classy it appears.

Modular kitchens are starting to be popular due to the finesse they lend to the overall look and the ease with which you can store things. 

A misnomer that people often have when it comes to the kitchen is that more is great. Lots of cutlery, crockery, spoons, knives, vessels, bowls etc. 

But, we ask why? 

Instead, downsize on the extras and you’ll be surprised at the space you are left with. Elegant new house designs are starting to be quite the rage, aren’t they?

Why should you let Dracon Construction have a look?

Homes are very different from what they once were. They are no longer spaces where you can bring in old ideas and expect them to work. Rather, they are spaces where you can experiment, bring a personal touch, a fresh perspective, and add colours that work!

While the journey is to experiment, you need a great home decor team and at Dracon Construction, we provide this to you. 

We give you just the right help and tell you how much is too much, deals that will make you go ‘wow!’, and plans for energy efficiency that are in keeping with the future.

Whatever your style, we match!

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