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Display Homes Ballarat

Display homes shaped by unparalleled Australian home builders

Did you know that in some cultures, buying new things on new year or starting the new year in a new way is considered auspicious? Even though it is a superstition, the underlying fact is that doing so comforts us in a way. After all, new year, new resolutions, why not a new house as well. 

Being a happy occasion does not make building a new house a simpler process. Building a new house is just as stressful as it ever was. BUT! You can dish out most of the stress by looking at what you are purchasing before making the purchase. In the case of house building, display homes give you the luxury of doing so.

Display Homes at Dracon Construction are built by proficient and experienced Australian home builders in Ballarat. These homes are dummy homes (but just as real) which give you a rough idea about what your house can potentially look like. Our display homes are completely furnished to give you an enhanced picture of your dream house.

Custom home design by Australian home builders in Ballarat and surrounds

Once you have grown a liking to our display house, you become ready to take the next step- Customising your house. You can choose to buy the display house itself if you like it too much. After a few instalments to make it suitable for living, you can own the display house. 

But at Dracon construction, you do not need to compromise with what you want.

Like we discussed earlier, display homes are dummy houses. These are built by our specialist designers to fit the general liking. Since everyone has a different taste and so might you, we are ready to listen to your ideas.

In the next step, our designers sit down with you and discuss your impression of the display house and what changes would suit your needs. A bigger driveway, a smaller hall, location and orientation of the kitchen, everything is adjusted as per your needs.

Once the design is finalised, the same unparalleled Australian home builders start the work to shape up your dream house. 

Bonus point: With us, you can suggest feasible changes around the house. All the changes will be made in the building plan accordingly.

Dracon Construction’s house builders blogs are always there to take your tension away

Even after visiting our display homes and getting your tailored building plan made, you might still be left with queries. Sometimes we are ourselves not aware of these questions until we see them. And is only natural for this to happen while doing something as big as getting their house built. 

These questions need to be answered! And this is where Dracon Construction’s House builders blogs come into play.

If you are new to Ballarat or building a new house in Ballarat then these blogs will come handy to you. Through our constantly growing informative blogs, we try to answer as many potential construction-related questions as possible. The goal is to make your decision process simpler by providing you with all of the necessary information.


Dracon Construction has been successfully satisfying its customers with mind-blowing building projects for nearly two decades. While visiting our display houses you will witness nothing but perfection. And when we will build your house, it will be better if not just as good as you had pictured in your mind.

So don’t wait up mate, make the best decision of your life this moment!

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