Revamp Your Home’s Outdoors With These Beautiful House Extensions In Ballarat And Surrounds

House Extensions in Ballarat

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Having spacious outdoors is a luxury. In times of today where the world is turning into a compact village, buildings are turning into matchboxes, and the space crunch is a crisis at hand, having a spacious home is absolutely a haven. 

A Looming Question: What If My Home is Small? 

Leave it to the experts to widen. 

Dracon Construction is a team of house builders in Ballarat who are capable of magic. Why do we make this hefty claim? 

If you pay close attention to our works, you will know that once given a chance we can convert a small space into a wide one. House extensions in Ballarat are a challenge. One that we are up for. 

Custom Built Homes in Ballarat are evolving

A driveway or a walkway makes for a fabulous entrance to your home. It can be decorated, renovated and revamped in order to be turned into something beautiful. 

The first aspect of the home that is noticed is the driveway. Custom homes are going in for this and we are loving the idea. 

Have Perennials in Your Outdoors! 

Being a plant lover comes with its own perks. Instead of having plants that grow only in a certain season, have perennials in the backyard. These will never disappoint and bloom throughout the year. Local builders in Ballarat suggest that this makes your home look fuller and more aesthetic. 

Custom Built Homes in Ballarat are now bungalow-style! 

If you can’t have a bungalow, turn your apartment into one! Adding French windows to your space, through which the outdoors are visible is a wonderful idea. 

There’s beauty to be found in space and you can make the most with these ideas. 

House Builders in Ballarat recommend birdhouses to turn your home into a paradise

When you are going in for home renovations, make a pact with yourself. One that involves being one with Nature. Bear in mind that the closer you are to Nature, the more serenity and peace you will have in your home. 

Building a birdhouse, a treehouse where the kids can go to enjoy a picnic or even a playset can be a great idea. 

In these times of a pandemic, custom-built homes in Ballarat are a rage. With travel restrictions being a norm and vacations becoming a distant dream, homes need to step up and be a two-in-one, vacation home and a regular one. 

Solar Panels. Please? 

Why settle for luxury when it is a precursor to harming the planet? 

Energy-efficient homes in Ballarat and surrounds are now being built in order to safeguard the planet while humanity still gets to live in class. 

We have joined hands with this green venture and wish for you to do the same. 

The idea you may have is that going energy-efficient would mean having to compromise. We say, no. 

In fact, your electricity bill will stop going through the roof. 

Solar panels are a great option. These once installed on the roof do not need attention for at least a quarter of a century! 

While Going in for House Extensions in Ballarat, Go in for a Pergola

Even in a limited space, you can work wonders. All you need to know is how to maximise. 

Going in for a pergola with a high chair or a swing is a great idea. 

Well, you could even turn this into your work-from-home station. Seems like a break from the monotony, right? We certainly are excited to hype this space up for you. Our local builders in Ballarat are brimming with ideas! 

But well, that’s for another time.

A Staircase To Heaven is the Way To Go

Who thought a staircase could be such a magical formation in your space? 

We will let you in on a secret: a staircase even if constructed in a small space can make it appear thrice its size. 

Jazz the staircase up with some cost-effective and low-watt lights. Remember? Energy-efficient homes in Ballarat are the future.

Choose us! 

As a team of house builders in Ballarat that has been designing, decorating, renovating homes for years, we promise you. We will treat your home like it’s ours. Well, we try not to get too excited at the prospect of having a home to revamp but that being said, we sometimes tend to go overboard. 

That is where you come in. You tell us how much is too much. 

Let’s do this together. 

We don’t make promises that we cannot keep and here’s something we leave you with. We will build you the home you wanted as a kid. A dream comes true.


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