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Aussies have a wide range of tastes when it comes to leading a lifestyle. And when you live in a country as diverse as Australia, you can bet that you can find the ideal place for yourself!

It is of no wonder that Australian home builders are used to dealing with a variety of home design requests from homeowners. 

If a regional Victorian lifestyle is what you are seeking, then look no further than Ballarat!

House builders in Ballarat are always occupied with people who are moving into the city on a regular basis and looking to settle here. 

Be it escaping from the hustle and bustle of bigger cities, leading a laid-back but productive lifestyle, or just establishing an excellent work-life balance, Ballarat has for you covered.

Ballarat: An Ideal Place to Live & Work

Starting off as a go-to destination for gold owing to the infamous Gold Rush many years back, Ballarat has come a long way. 

Today, Ballarat has become a hub for an easy, affordable and posh lifestyle. This beautiful city is backed by a picturesque backdrop and access to all sorts of amenities and infrastructure that one needs in a developed city. Despite being the third-largest city in Victoria after Melbourne and Geelong, Ballarat provides a perfect blend between proper city life and nature.

Why are House Builders Ballarat in high demand?

Ballarat has a pristine location towards the West of Victoria and is particularly noted for being a major part of Victoria’s Eureka Gold Mining and Gold Rush legacy.

Adorned with breathtaking Victorian architecture and easy access to all necessary facilities, Ballarat has turned into a hub for frequently occurring new land releases throughout the city. The ever-growing popularity of building homes in Ballarat is attributed to the city’s lush landscapes, beautiful homes and great affordability.

Such a magnitude of new land releases inherently invite an attractive range of house and land packages from local house builders in Ballarat and surrounds.

Dracon Construction offers a specialised niche in their house and land packages courtesy of the added benefit of energy efficient homes that suit your lifestyle and needs, and are well within your budget.

It is worth noting that our house and land packages are carefully crafted by taking into consideration the various local market trends while also giving room to your needs. It is this trait that has made Dracon Construction the go-to custom house builders company in Ballarat.

Dracon Construction: Make Your Own Home in Ballarat with Custom House Builders

Ballarat on your mind?

Dracon Construction has a team of some of the best house builders in Ballarat who have over 18 years of rich experience in building contemporary and energy-efficient homes in Ballarat and surrounds.

With widespread expertise in home renovations, extensions and new house designs, Dracon Construction has established itself as one of the best Australian home builders you can get for all your home needs.

We provide stylish homes that suit your lifestyle and budget. Our display homes in Ballarat cover various suburbs of the city and have something for anyone looking to settle down in and around the city.

For first time home buyers in Ballarat, the scenario is even better!

The Victorian Government is offering a First Home Owners Grant of $20,000 for first-time homebuyers in regional Victoria.

For more information on the grant and its eligibility, check out the official website of the Victorian State Revenue Office.

Our company motto is “Building the difference”


Dracon Construction has cemented itself as one of Australia’s best home builders, reinforced with a strong focus on designing energy-efficient, spacious, luxurious and comfortable custom homes that fit within your budget.

Whether you’re a new home buyer or looking to renovate your house and transform it into the living space that you have always dreamt of, Dracon Construction is the way to go!

We would be more than happy to visit your home or office for a FREE consultation on the design and other particulars of your home, helping you decide the best option (s) for you through our display homes Ballarat.

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