Looking For A Fabulous Living Room Makeover? These 5 Tips Will Fuel Your Ideas!

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When it comes to house renovation services in Ballarat, you can’t say no to these pretty decor inspirations

Makeover. A term that can get you enthused and brimming with ideas about how to get your home looking like the one that’s straight out of a catalogue. You may have reached out to some house builders in Ballarat for ideas, but have you got a plan in mind yet? 

Home renovations and makeovers are exciting but something you need to watch out for is the budget. 

Are you planning to redecorate the home and browse through designs for the same? We’ve put together a set of 5 ideas for you to choose from. 

Happy selecting!

Draw the line between cosy and cluttered 

Often while going in for a home makeover, it is easy to get dragged into the excitement and go ahead and purchase tons of decor, furniture and carpets. Yes, everything does seem too pretty to leave behind in the store. 

But here is the thing. Too much good gives the impression of the space being cluttered. Too much colour gives the impression of suffocation. 

What should you do? 

Balance the colours. Pick shades that are subtle and also those that are loud and let them blend. When it comes to decor, have a sofa and armchairs, but do not go overboard and get a beanbag and a rocking chair as well.

The size of the furniture and decor matters 

While designing a room, dimensions account for a lot of the aesthetic. In a small room that has a low ceiling, furniture that is too large can sometimes look welcoming and if overdone can seem stifling. 

While spacing out the furniture, consult the custom home builders in Ballarat. Often with just a little planning and adjustment, the room can look simply fabulous. 

Arrangement works wonders 

The way your furniture is arranged in the home can really set off the vibe. For instance, instead of having the armchairs and the sofas bordering the entire living room, section it off. 

Have a space in the center of the home where the couches are arranged in a square fashion. At one end of the hall could be the TV area with the cabinets. 

At the far other end could be the dining table. Thus, you have created a living room section and a dining section within the same space but demarcated by an invisible arrangement. 

Bare walls do not comfort 

Having painted bare walls in the home can add to the wideness of the home and not in a good way. It makes the emptiness echo. 

Thus a great way of ramping this would be to have paintings on the wall in a grid-like pattern. These no longer make the walls look pale and also add to the aesthetic of the home. 

Have you ever seen someone’s living room that has paintings around it and immediately felt a homely vibe? 

That’s what we are talking about. 

Mirrors and woodwork 

Old school is something that saves the day every single time. So also with mirrors and woodwork. Who does not love a little barn look? 

While choosing mirrors, go in for round mirrors as these give the handloom finish. Pair the decor with wood furniture, cabinets, and maybe even a bookshelf. The look that you can expect is one that is relaxing, easy-going, casual, and light. 

For the funky vibe, throw in a bright coloured rug or carpet, a wall hanging, or a tapestry. 

The local Ballarat builders are here to build the dream plan for you

Whether you have an idea from a catalogue or have seen your neighbour’s home and loved a particular aspect, or seen a display home in Ballarat and wished for the decor to match yours, or even if you are clueless, Dracon Construction has a team that can turn your ideas into very practical home designs. 

This house building company in Ballarat and surrounds believes homes are much more than mortar and pestle or bricks. Interiors are taken very seriously at Dracon Construction and every corner of the home is perfected until it is what you had in mind. 

Decor can be something that either makes the home beautiful or that is a complete eyesore to look at. It all depends on how you put different aspects together, pay attention to the arrangement, the colour scheme, the patterns, and most importantly what the home reflects. 

We also offer building renovations in Ballarat if you are looking for one. The dream home is a call away. 
Let us know what you are looking for. We’ll build it.


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