Here’s The Secret To Elegant New House Designs And Our Experts Are Loving It

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Tip 1: Never settle for less! 

As new home styles line the front page of the city’s best catalogues, it is a challenge to choose between these vibrant and up and coming styles. Settle down while we present to you the Ballarat style paraded around in homes of the 21st century. 

These house designs in Ballarat and surrounds are making headlines for a reason. 

On the prowl for designs with which you can revamp your living space? 

Here are 15 of the best ones. Look and see? 

We love the monochrome palette

Vibrancy and pop colours are stylish. But elegance comes in the form of monochromes. It is a risk, mind you to have the sole colour reflected throughout the interiors and decor of the home but it pays off. 

A white never lets you down. A teal shade is deemed as one of the safest options. The shades can vary, but the base colour remains constant in every piece of the decor and paint. 

Which elegant new house designs are you in love with? 

Luxury deserves a corner of its own

Instead of exceeding the budget and regretting it later, luxury can be added in such a way that it exudes a chic style while not being too much on the eye or the wallet. 

Pouf armchairs, bar stools that have a chic vibe, and plush rugs can be spaced out or confined to a niche in the living room. This luxury enhances the overall look of the hall. 

Display homes in Ballarat are all about contrast

If there is one thing that display homes brag about, it is contrasting colours. So the walls are painted in light shades and the decor is in dark shades. 

This coupling provides an almost refreshing sight to the eyes. 

Texture, Texture, Texture! 

The real beauty reflects when it is textures that mingle in a hue and the result is a fascinating sight. 

Rugs that have a silken effect, sofas that give off a cushion and soft vibe, wooden decor that has a rough raw feel, and mirrors that emanate a brilliance of sorts. Every texture in these house designs in Ballarat has a special feel to offer and when these come together in the living room, it is nothing short of magic. 

Royalty dressed in black 

Black has never disappointed style. There is a nerve time when you can go wrong by adopting black as a corner in your home. Be it a wall painted in a dark hue or a wall clock that is polished in the colour, it will reflect royalty. 

The Ballarat builders are stoic believers in colour giving you a reason to nestle into the space of your home. 

Demarcate areas in the living room

When a plush carpet is laid under the sofas and the seating area, it gives a kind of separation in the living room. The television area can be separated from the couches and be a niche of its own. 

Likewise with the dining table area. 

Thus, adopting this stance, every area in the same room has a space of its own. 

Have you checked out our display homes in Ballarat?

Display homes are already renovated homes that are done up with taste. Often homeowners want to renovate their space but wish to see a plan in action before they proceed. 

The display homes in Ballarat are a solution to this. You can walk in and see decor that has been designed by the experts. This will enable you to see for yourself how your home will look once the renovations are done. 

We are proud Australian home builders 

We at Dracon Construction are a team of Ballarat builders who have been building palaces brick by brick. We have transformed people’s dreams into a solid reality made out of cement. 

Affordable solutions are what you look for and we deliver these to you. Along with our stance on building homes that are future-ready, we also lay a focus on sustainable construction. Energy efficiency is as real as it gets and here is what we do to ensure that we are not causing the planet more distress than needed: 

  • Lighting that does not consume excess energy 
  • Building materials that are in keeping with industrial environment standards
  • Plumbing solutions during kitchen renovations that ensure no waste of water 

Sturdy foundations have withheld the most magnificent palaces. We at Dracon Construction undertake every renovation with care and precision and our interior designers will recommend that which fits your personal style. 

What are your thoughts? 

There is a home waiting for you in the future which could have your dreams stacked by and the stereo playing in the background while you make pancakes. 
Let us make this possible!


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