Getting Set For Your New Home In 2021? Here Is Your Checklist Along With Some Elegant New House Designs You Should Check Out

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Ballarat, now choose your design based on display homes!

A journey into a new home is exciting!

It should be.

You are not just making a new home, but a new life altogether.

But, this phase is a challenge. Getting things set up, planning for interiors, drawing up home designs and so much more. 

Here is your guide/ checklist to ensure you are all set to step into your fairytale. 

Choosing a floor plan can be crucial to an elegant new house design

A floor plan is the blueprint of your new space. Here is what you should keep in mind while planning it out:

  • The plan should be flexible and not rigid, since you may have to make space for changes. 
  • Elegant new house designs these days have floor plans that are practical. Consider furniture use and lifestyle while thinking up the floor plan. 
  • Have a reference point when you plan. It may be difficult to visualise everything in 3D and thus comparing the future to the present plan may help. 

Energy-efficient homes in Ballarat. Do not go over budget!

Once the floor plan is set, the next in line is the electricals. Energy efficiency is the need of the hour and there is no one who understands this better than Dracon Construction

Here are things to keep in mind:

  • The insulation, the cladding and the material for these need to be of prime environment-friendly quality. Energy-efficient homes in Ballarat are ones that use these. 
  • The lighting, heating and cooling and data points should be in check. 
  • When you build an energy-efficient home in Ballarat, you build a home for the future. Hence, sustainability is key.

Outdoor decking in Ballarat that will add class to your space

Everyone in Australia loves themselves a deck! 

A patio where they can sip on some tea and enjoy the beautiful weather. Dracon Construction will give you class mixed with ease in their outdoor decking services in Ballarat and surrounds. 

What makes a great deck!

  • The outdoor lighting and the visual flow of the deck matters A LOT!
  • A dreamy deck or a classy one – whatever you choose, make sure it is ready for a staycation!
  • Let the sunshine in! Yes, let the deck be lit up with natural light and a few beachside chairs. 
  • Deck up the deck in such a way that even a small space has great potential!
  • Reach out to outdoor decking services in Ballarat and surrounds for a deck that will be the highlight of your home. 

Colours and themes

It all needs to match! 

Yes, it does. 

A home that has a theme, is a home that looks just perfect. While you are planning on going in for a new house, looking at display homes in Ballarat can really help. You can count on us for the interiors and themes. 

Tell us your style preferences and we will get you your desired designs to match! 

Tell us your budget and we will see to it that the trends do not burn a hole in your pockets. 

Here is what display homes in Ballarat are, for those new to the concept:

  • A display home serves as a model for new home buyers.
  • It helps visualise what the final product will look like
  • Display homes in Ballarat and surrounds are built to demonstrate design concepts
  • It is like watching the fantasy home and then suggesting the modifications you’d like

Once done, we will take you through the next step which is building that customised home for you. 

We’ll build you a custom-built home in Ballarat 

Why go with a set plan when you can have a home that matches your taste?

That is exactly what Dracon Construction builders will give to you – a custom-built home in Ballarat and surrounds. 

Here is what you can expect: 

  • Fantastic designs that suit your budget
  • A landscape to match the finesse of your home
  • Range of designs that go beyond what you see in the catalogue
  • A team that cares about what you wish to see your home look like
  • An experienced set of professionals who have been building custom-built homes in Ballarat and surrounds for years. 

A new home can either be a daunting experience or a magical one. 

When you choose your builders, you choose what you would wish to have. 

Let us give you the home you want. Right from a plan sketched out on paper to the final product, we are with you every step of the way. 

Contact Dracon Construction and have the home you dreamt of. 


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