Energy Efficient Homes Are The New Trend in 2021! Is Your Home Energy Efficient Yet?

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Over the course of the last 2 years or so, energy efficient homes in Ballarat have become a major deal courtesy of the host of benefits that come along with it. With the ever rising electricity bills adding to the frustration of most homeowners in Australia, energy efficient homes present them with an excellent means to save energy and save money amounting to tens and thousands of dollars in the long run. 

The concept of energy efficiency is all about utilising a lower magnitude of energy to meet your regular power needs. Some of these examples include heating and cooling, turning on the lights, cooking, watching TV and storage of food.

Which should make you wonder why exactly energy efficient homes are so important? We live in a world where electricity bills occupy a pivotal role in your financial plans and decisions each month. By going energy-efficient, not only do you reduce your electricity bill costs but also help the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. By conserving energy, you basically reduce the amount of energy being wasted. 

Indeed! Adopting an energy-efficient way of life has a large number of perks for the environment. It might sound surreal but even a little change can have a tremendous impact on the emission of greenhouse gas and other kinds of pollutants. Consequently, this leads to a considerable drop in the usage of water. Most importantly, you experience a drastic drop in the costs of your utility bills.

This can be attributed to the fact that energy-efficient equipment is extremely cheap to use. Since they require less energy to use and service demand, you experience massive savings and save a lot of money in both the short and the long run. 

So if you are spending a lot of money to meet your residential power needs each month, it is high time that you opt for energy efficiency in your life to help you save finances and manage them better. 

Smart outdoor renovations in Ballarat

One of the best ways to cut energy costs is to opt for indoor and outdoor renovations for your Ballarat Home. Home renovations can orient your home in the right direction and make it energy efficient for you. 

Therefore, instead of continuing to waste money, consider practising the following to lower your power bills drastically and experience huge savings:

Install good fixtures as a part of your bathroom renovation Ballarat

Lighting fixtures and kitchen appliances use a lot of energy, so it’s only natural that they would be the first place to start. Consider replacing bulbs with their CFL and LED alternatives to increase efficiency. LED and CFL bulbs last longer and consume less energy than incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. They burn just as brightly and don’t give off as much heat or make a buzzing noise when they’re on. This is also the cheapest option on the list, so it definitely makes sense.

Are you aware that you can replace the fixtures as a part of your bathroom renovations in Ballarat and surroundings? We will get it done for you!

Best Outdoor Decking Ballarat Through Ceiling Fans

This may come as a surprise to you but ceiling fans can be of vital importance to your outdoor decking plans in Ballarat. Ceiling fans help cut utility costs by acting as an alternative to your HVAC system. While running the fan still requires electricity, it’s far less expensive than using a heating or cooling system.

Fans are more economical and use about the same amount of energy as a light bulb. They push all the hot air to the ceiling in the summer and if you change the rotation in the winter, all the cool air goes towards the ceiling while warm air is pushed downward. This way, you can rest assured that you have the best outdoor decking Ballarat has to offer!

Landscaping for house extensions Ballarat

You can also save energy with landscaping in your house extensions Ballarat pursuits.  This involves techniques to make your yard look great while helping you save money.

Install new flooring for outdoor decking and house extensions Ballarat

Flooring also helps maintain your home’s temperature and cut energy costs, thereby becoming a very popular bathroom renovations Ballarat choice. Carpeting and rugs trap heat and keep your home warm during the winter. Consult a flooring professional who can help you choose options to reduce your energy costs. It’s an inexpensive way to cut costs compared to projects like gutting your siding and replacing it with an energy-efficient alternative.

Attractive lights for the best outdoor decking Ballarat

Using lights is a great focal point for any home. But there’s also an economic benefit by adding one. They increase the efficiency of your home, improve your heating, interior lighting, and air ventilation.

But such lights aren’t for everyone. You’ll have to make sure the existing design of your home can accommodate one. Consult with a professional before you think about cutting out a piece of your ceiling and putting in a new window.

Wise decisions for more energy efficient homes in Ballarat and surrounds

You can help the environment by becoming more energy-efficient. Replacing bulbs and appliances, doing smart landscaping, and installing a cool roof can help keep greenhouse gas emissions low. But if that isn’t incentive enough, think about the money you’ll save in utility bills over the long run. Just a few extra dollars now mean big savings in the future.

Dracon Construction: Your Go-to Builders in Ballarat for Energy Efficient Homes

Dracon Construction is the premier company for custom home building, house renovations,  energy efficient homes and new home designs in Ballarat and its surroundings. With over two decades of rich, hands-on experience in local house renovations and construction, we offer luxurious and custom homes that fit within your budget and lifestyle. So it is no wonder that we are the top builders Ballarat has to offer! 

We are the go-to option for all housing needs in Ballarat and surrounds, and have carved a reputation for ourselves in being the choice of countless residents, particularly for our energy efficient homes in Ballarat 

So let’s join hands and take a major step towards securing an energy-efficient tomorrow which will bring heaps of savings!

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