Elegant New House Designs And How A Dash Of Colour Can Brighten Up Just About Anything

Elegant New House Designs

Australian home builders in Ballarat let you in on some secrets!

Are you bursting with ideas for the renovations of your new home? Of course, you are! A new home is like an empty drawing sheet and you can go all out to paint it the way you wish to. 

Elegant new house designs are emerging and you are going to love these. For two reasons – they let you get artsy with your interior ideas and they are minimalistic. 

The new trend seen in display homes in Ballarat is that the pop of colours makes for some really appealing looks. We have put together a guide of sorts of different areas around the home (unassuming ones) that you could paint in pop colours. 

Trust us, you won’t regret it.

The stairs can be decked during your building renovations in Ballarat

Who thought of having a flight that looked so bright? 

A staircase goes ignored and unnoticed often. These could be revamped with the right shades and hues. 

You could go in for a royal look with black and red, or a subtle approach with beige and olive green. Carpet these once you’re done. Instead of an end-to-end carpet, go in for something that lines the middle. 

Display homes in Ballarat have appliances painted in pop colours

That is a new style! Could we ditch the steely and metallic looks for some bright sunny shades? 

Seems like that is what 2021 is about. Painting appliances in bright colours give them a vintage feel and changes the entire appearance of your room. 

Go experimental!

Australian home builders in Ballarat pledge patterned tiles

Most homes are carpeted, but the kitchens are bare floored. We ask then, why don’t you take these up a notch with patterned tiles?

The best part about tiles is that you can experiment all you want with their designs and whatever you do, they would still look amazing. 

So go ahead and do this. Let the kitchen witness some magic. 

Wicker furniture in display homes in Ballarat

The beauty of display homes is that you can see what you were dreaming of, and get new ideas that you never had thought about too. 

Like this one. Wicker furniture really can be the sunshine you need in your home. It gives the home a spacious look, a cool and chic yet vintage vibe. 

Australian home builders in Ballarat and surrounds as well as interior designers recommend having wicker chairs around the home, maybe even a cot, or some cool accessories around the home made of these materials. 

Ballarat builders say exposed coloured bricks can really glam up your space

There is nothing more elegant and raw and beautiful than bricks. Coloured bricks have the power to add angles and finishes to your decor and be an accessory in themselves. 

You can always hang a painting on the brick wall, or a DIY piece. As long as it’s a pop of colours, we say ‘It will work!’

Outdoor furniture should be as carefully chosen as indoor ones

The reason why you love display homes in Ballarat is that every aspect of the home has been done with care. 

Most homeowners tend to pay a great deal of attention to the indoors, but forget the outdoors and this can be a problem. 

While you are redesigning your home, make sure you are paying equal attention to every part of the home. Select with taste the outdoor furniture that will go on your porch or the balcony. Have colour rule the house!

Elegant new house designs are the trend and Dracon Construction is in!

Ballarat is a beautiful space to find a home or even build one. Dracon Construction is a team of home builders based in Ballarat and its surrounds and they give your home the lift it needs, be it in terms of decor, interiors, renovating the space, adding expense to the home, doing up the bedroom, and getting your home ready to be the space where you build your life. 

Today, building renovations in Ballarat are looking for: 

  • Unique designs 
  • Spaces that are cost-effective 
  • Spaces that have in-built gyms, swimming pools and play areas
  • Compact societies that manage to be spacious 

Our team of Ballarat builders guarantees you an experience of a lifetime with these unique and well-thought-of home plans. We consult with some of the most professional and out-of-the-box thinkers when it comes to home designs. 

Colours are a great way of expressing yourself and thus all our designs aim to personalise the experience, give you a design to look forward to, and also something that you vibe with. 

Finding resonance with the aesthetic in your home is an important factor. 

Reach out to Dracon Construction for more!

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