Doors Reflect The Style Of Your Home! Make Them Look Classy!


Home renovations in Ballarat are incomplete without giving the doors a new look too!

Doors are the boundaries of the home and they determine much about the overall look. Often you may have noticed how some homes just seem to exude elegance while others appear quite pale. The architecture of doors, the colours, textures, finishes are factors that have a role to play. Take for instance display homes in Ballarat. These are spaces that are decked just for you so you can get a bunch of ideas about what styles you are looking for in your home. 

Here are some door designs that you may want to browse if you are going in for renovations. Take a look. 

Fibreglass doors are a class apart!

Have you ever wondered how some doors appear dainty and delicate? These are fibreglass and the beauty of them is that they can be painted. Of course, you will have to spend a little more than what you normally would have on a wooden door, but you can rest assured this door will last you years. A number one recommendation by builders in Ballarat

Have a screen door in the home 

A screen door is one that helps the breeze enter and thus permit the house to be ventilated but prevents any insects, rodents, or trash from entering. 

A great idea if you love a little breeze and wish to enjoy the weather. 

The contemporary style needs company

If your home has a vibe of classy and vintage, you may want to go in for wooden doors that have glass panes. These work well to compliment the architecture and lend their style as well. 

Painted copper doors 

To give the rooms a chic yet vintage vibe, copper doors are the answer. Painted in solid colours, these can really change how you perceive the decor. 

Something fun that you can experiment with are the door handles. A numerous variety of these in exciting and thoughtful designs are available. 

Stones and brick 

Why ditch old fashioned? Stones and brick have long since been acclaimed for being the most sturdy, durable, and classy there is. 

While everyone is attempting to turn their homes into modern spaces, these doors bring their old charm to it. 

With custom homes in Ballarat and surroundings on the rise, choose from a range of ideas. 

An antique door that suits 

Have you loved the quaintness that comes from antique wooden doors that have intricate designs drawn on them and that look like they belonged to a faraway castle?

Now here’s a chance to have it in your home.

During home renovations, it is wise to decide the doors before you make up your mind about the decor in the home. 

An antique door and the rest of the home being modern might seem an unfamiliar combination. 

The door frame 

Often, the door is just a sheet of glass but what makes it stand out is the door frame. Choose solid colours or patterns or painted glass or wood or for that matter just about anything! 

The door frame is what you can count on to make the home pretty. 

A team of Australian home builders build you a dream home 

Dracon Construction, one of the most chosen and premier home building firms in Ballarat, is now here to give your home that fairytale twist coupled with modern solutions. 

It is often a common misnomer that for a beautiful home you need to dig deep into your wallet and spend all you have. However, we change that notion for you. 

Home designs while can be extravagant and over the top, can also be simple and comfortable. It is all about letting your home reflect what it is that you truly believe in. 

You could even go ahead and choose a theme.

For instance, in some homes that have an Earth theme, the decor is rough, natural elements, the colours are shades of blues and browns, the upholstery is bright shades of blue, the curtains match. 

Thus, with a single theme, there is much to be explored and experimented with. 

Our team of home builders lets you channel your inner decorator! Why stick with old trends when you can think of something your own? 

Doors play as important a role as walls and thus revamping them and seeing to it that they are precisely what you were thinking of is a task. But with the right team at your disposal, it will seem easy. 

Reach out for a consultation and we will guide you with how you should go about it. A home renovation is indeed a long drawn process but extremely fun if you are ready to experiment!


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