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Home Builders in Ballarat Are The Hot Favourites in Victoria These Days! Find Out Why!

The landscape of home renovations and interior designing is changing. With work-from-home being the new norm in place, homes are now accommodating designs that facilitate working attitudes. 

Here is everything you need to know about the trends that are dominating the market in the near future. These have been carefully chosen by a team of house builders in Ballarat. Choose yours! 

Local Ballarat Builders OPT for Sustainability

With the climate playing up and the earth suggesting that it has had enough, energy efficiency is the need of the hour. 

These days everyone is opting for a home renovation and the construction and home industry is facing a huge pressure to balance sustainable materials and deliverance of class service. The era of building renovation Ballarat is truly stepping up and revolutionising home building in Australia! 

You can do your bit by choosing builders that offer sustainable options to revamp and renovate your home, saving costs on electricity bills with the most affordable and luxurious homes!  

Pandemic-Friendly Designs Offered By Home Builders Ballarat

Due to social distancing norms, bigger homes are preferable. These are spacious and even if you wish to have a family gathering you can do so without the worry of many people confined in a small room. 

Dracon Construction – a team of Australian home builders has kept abreast with designs that will make it easier for you to adapt to the current situations. The experts will also offer you practical solutions that will cater to the following: 

  • Work-from-home norms 
  • Hands-free areas in the home to minimise touching
  • Space to have parties etc. 
  • Play areas in the home so that your young ones to not have to go to crowded parks

Have a problem? Local Ballarat builders have a solution

Multi-Functional Spaces Offered By Home Builders in Ballarat

2021 has brought with it numerous challenges and one of these is the changing nature that rooms need to serve. 

A bedroom now serves as a study room, a play area, an office. A kitchen serves as more than just a space to cook meals, but instead a room for brunches, getting together with friends and sipping on tea and more. 

Housebuilders in Ballarat these days are required to up their game a notch and provide more than the basic options. They need to think out of the box and come up with designs that have not seen the light of day. This is what our team aims to do for you. 

Get A Personalised Look

Since you will be spending a majority of your 2021 at home, it is wise to go in for designs that are personalised and reflect your style rather than the common ones in the catalogue. 

Now home builders in Ballarat offer some customised approaches and designs that help you be unique! In addition to this, having a modular kitchen that suits your lifestyle or a bedroom interior that help it cool faster, will greatly affect the aesthetic appeal of your home. 

Art and Appeal

Anyone can have a lovely home. It takes great taste to turn it from ‘just lovely’ into something unique. While renovating a home people tend to go in for heavy looks. 

However, the 2021 trend is minimalism, as these local builders in Ballarat and surrounds explain. 

Furniture that is low, monotones, bright shades, well-spaced and most importantly designs that vibe with the theme of your home. 


You did not think we just gather up our tools and renovate homes now, did you? 

No. That is not how this works. 

Once you reach out to us, we will chart out a theme and a plan based on that theme for the redesigning of your home. In accordance with the theme, everything right from furnishings to furniture and more would be decided. 

Having a theme can be great, as it gives your interior designing skills a foundation on which to operate. 

Dressing Up The Walls!

Australian home builders believe in not just seeing to it that your home space looks classy but also that the walls have more than monotones to them. 

Imagine this: You are sitting at your workstation and jamming on the keyboard and you look into the distance and see a white wall. Would that do anything to make you enthusiastic about working on the new project? 

Your walls need a pep and a hint of colour. They need abstract patterns if that is your style. 

Building Renovation Ballarat Made Simple 

The term ‘renovation’ never managed to make anyone’s day. You imagine dust and blankets of white and inconvenience and loads of shifting. 

But Dracon Construction has eased the lives of many with its renovation plans that have been put in place to make the process easy.

You will not be inconvenienced and rest assured your life won’t be thrown out of gear. 

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