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A quick survey of people who hired builders for the complete contract of their house will give you a mix of positive and negative reviews. Usually, the positive reviews are due to the excellent job and communication of the builder, whereas, the negative reviews are caused due to inadequate plans, lack of transparency and unhandy workmanship of builders.

And the reason is pretty evident. As per the report of Financial Review, An average of 200,000 houses are built in Australia every year. And there are only a handful of reliable construction companies like Dracon Construction in each state which can assure transparency in their work and guarantee you your dream home tailored for your needs, leaving no room for errors.

Dracon Construction: The Best of Building Renovation Ballarat

When it comes to building renovation in Ballarat and getting the finest custom built homes, you should look no further than Dracon Construction. With the right blend of experience and expertise, we are the go-to local builders Ballarat has. We specialise in home renovations, new home designs, house extensions and energy-efficient custom built homes Ballarat. Our USP lies in our penchant in offering energy-efficient, luxurious and custom homes that fit within your budget and lifestyle. With Dracon Construction, you truly “build a difference” with the best home renovation and home building experts near you.

Building Renovation Ballarat for Energy Efficient Home

The following presents a few takeaways for embracing energy efficiency into your everyday life easily:

  • Becoming energy-efficient reduces wastage of energy and costs in bills.
  • Replacing appliances and fixtures with energy-efficient options and using window treatments are two of the most feasible ideas
  • Consider ceiling fans to reduce heating and cooling costs and smart landscaping to give your exterior a cost-saving boost.
  • Insulation and flooring help keep the temperature in check
  • It is wise to add a skylight or even a cool roof to your home

Affordable Home Builders Ballarat 

We believe that everyone in Ballarat and surrounds should be able to live in the house of their dreams. As such, we take pride in being the most affordable home builders Ballarat has to offer! We are renowned for crafting custom built homes in Ballarat that are completely in sync with your budget and lifestyle. By partnering with Dracon Construction, you are many steps closer to your dream home!

Reasons to choose Dracon Construction Builders Ballarat for custom-built homes

We are passionate about seeing your dream home come to reality! This is why we offer unmatched home building and home renovation services unlike anywhere else in Ballarat and surrounds. 

With that being said, here are 6 reasons why you should hire Dracon Construction, the top Ballarat builders, for the construction or renovation of your dream home

  1. Local Builders, numerous previous projects in Ballarat and surrounds

Although the builder’s website is a great place to get testimonials of their project and their reviews it’s even better when you see the projects in person and be a judge of their work. With us, you get the best local builders in Ballarat who will give you multiple options to help you make an informed and calculated decision.

  1. Friendly and experienced staff who communicate with you easily

Lack of communication is the main reason why constructions go south. We know that in the 21st century, technology has advanced and there are several ways to communicate like calls, video calls, emails etc. but nothing beats the face to face communication. 

Since we are local, the communication becomes effortless and you can easily reach us out in case of emergencies which is not possible in the case of out of town builders.

  1. We understand homes in Ballarat and surrounds as no one else can 

This is the main reason why local builders are more reliable and efficient than out of town builders. Dracon Construction has a thorough understanding of the area. We know who to contact for specific permissions and whom to contact in the area for the best construction material. Dracon Construction will build you a house tailored for your needs faster than other construction companies.

  1. Huge cost savings with budget and luxurious homes built exclusively for you

Unlike out of town builders, our Ballarat local builders do not need to move heavy construction equipment to long distances while doing construction in Ballarat and surrounds. In the case of the town builders, the regular travelling cost of workers also adds up which sums up a lot. These unnecessary and huge bills will not be an issue with us.

  1. Post-project support and assistance

We will have an inside out understanding of your house and since we are local and easy to communicate with, You can consult us for services like marketing, cleaning, restoration etc. that suit your house the best

  1. Promotes local businesses

Hiring a local contractor means supporting the local economy, indirectly investing in a small business, and creating additional jobs. Doing this will ultimately boost the local economy and help alleviate unemployment within the area. Our Ballarat local builders serve the purpose perfectly!
Contact Dracon Construction today and get your house built with the local builders in Ballarat and its surrounds!

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